Recently, we received an email from Reverb. (Reverb is a company similar to eBay but focused specifically on music gear. They've provided the sales platform we've used for the past nearly 2 years). The email stated they were purchased by Etsy. We've been incredibly grateful for the opportunity Reverb provided us to increase our sales, but out of concern for policy changes and price increases, we're starting the process of adding a separate sales platform so we don't have "all of our eggs in one basket."

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to transfer everything over. We looked into a CSV file export from Reverb and import to Shopify, but unfortunately, a lot of the data required from each company to create listings is different, so it'd quite frankly be more effort than its worth to try and take that approach. We are currently testing out features in Shopify's platform and so far are happy with the increased functionality for selling to local customers compared to Reverb. We will be creating listings on Shopify, so please bear with us during the transition. Once it is completely set up, we will then be able to synchronize our inventory counts between Reverb and Shopify, so we will continue to sell on Reverb's direct website as well for the foreseeable future.

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