Krutz "Signature" Viola

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Anton Krutz signature instruments are crafted by Master Luthier Anton Krutz, bringing together the best in materials, design, and construction. Beginning with his selection of acoustically vibrant curly maple and spruce from carefully aged stock, his craftsmanship includes precise arching and graduations, and a unique mineral ground and varnish treatment that gives each instrument its timbre and Bel Canto voice, similar to that of the fine Italian masters. Anton Krutz signature instruments are meticulously crafted to create the powerful, expressive sound sought by soloists and professional ensemble players throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Specs: Available by custom order.


                              151/2":     16":   16 1/2":    17":
- Upper bout width = 191 mm.
- Lower bout width = 255 mm.
- C-bout width = 133 mm.
- Body length = 397 mm.
 197 mm.
 243 mm.
 134 mm.
 408 mm.
 203 mm.
 250 mm.
 138 mm.
 420 mm.
    203 mm.
    265 mm.
    142 mm.
    435 mm.